Over the course of my career I’ve often straddled the line between users and engineering. I started my career in IT, working as a technician and system administrator. During this time I learned to use bash and python to automate tasks.

Later I joined an early stage marketing analytics start-up as a customer success manager supporting complex Salesforce integrations. I learned SQL as well SOQL, and just enough Apex to get by as a Salesforce Administrator and Data Analyst.

In 2017, I discovered Ethereum and Web3 started learning Javascript and Solidity, Later joining another startup as a Senior Product Manager focused on web3 developer tooling. While there I helped design, develop, and deploy the Honey cryptocurrency protocol in 2020.

In 2023 I got more interested in machine learning and AI, I completed Google’s Advanced Data Analytics Certification, and now I’m working on City Assistants using OpenAI.